Thursday, March 15, 2012

Master Bedroom Design Ideas

K and I have been slowly transforming our home to reflect our shared style and taste. When we got married last year our home became an immediate reflection of our individual styles. The living room, guest room and office reflect my style - traditional, cottage-inspired, and white. The den and the master bedroom were all K - black, sleek and modern. The overall affect is, well, a little jumbled. So we've been working on that. Slowly making changes room by room as our schedules and budget allow.

Our current project is our master bedroom. The existing furniture is all courtesy of K's med school apartment. As we were discussing how to use our furniture after the wedding, K made it clear that he would not be sleeping in my bed. Apparently, my shabby chic inspired bedroom set doesn't leave K with the same sense of calm that it does me. So we've been using K's furniture. It's black, modern and broken. Yes, the headboard is broken. It separates when you sit on the bed, lean back to read a book, or roll over. No, I'm not kidding, we've really been sleeping on a broken bed for the past year. We're also in need of a new dresser. K's sock drawer tends to get stuck in the open position, literally stuck. The result? A daily supply of socks for Lucy to play with after K leaves for work in the morning. I usually awake to socks strewn about the room, on the bed and in Lucy's mouth.

Here are a few of our inspirations for the room . . .

Image via Live Beautifully.

Image via MuseInteriors on

Image via Life of Turquoise.

Any change will be a good change, but if we can make our room as peaceful and inviting as these images we'll be pretty happy. Hopefully, I will have some "after" pictures to share soon.

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