Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Whose dog is the butterfly chaser?"

That would be us.

We took Lucy to the dog park today and rather than play with the other dogs, she chased butterflies. No I'm not kidding. People were staring, pointing, laughing...(it was pretty funny to watch). We decided to let her run and hope people didn't realize she was ours. That plan failed when an older man asked us directly whether she belonged to us. Ok fine. She's ours. We're the proud owners of the crackhead (I prefer dreamer) that chases butterflies around the dog park. As the man observed, "she sure has a lot of energy." Yes, we agreed, she sure does. We're just glad she got most of that energy out today chasing butterflies.

At least Lucy is sleepy after her big day at the park : )
Happy Saturday!


  1. Sweet Lucy, that story made me laugh so loud. I can just imagine it all taking place. Love love her dog bed too! Lily might need one like that...where did you find?

    1. I thought you might appreciate this story. About the dog bed, thanks! I originally saw the bed here: The online store is called Furbish and you can link to it through the blog. It looks like they changed their website and I wasn't able to find the dog beds still on there :( Hope you have better luck than me.