Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Time flies when you're . . .

too busy to slow down and breath having fun.  Seriously, though, we've been busy lately.  K switched to an in hospital rotation (which means he no longer gets to enjoy the schedule that comes with private practice) and I have been working non-stop to meet several large deadlines at work.  To say we've been busy is almost an understatement.  We're like barely getting our laundry done busy.  Thankfully we're still managing to have a little fun ;)  Here's a quick recap of life lately:

Our friends the Watsons had a BYOP (bring your own pie) party last month to celebrate Charlotte's half birthday and usher in Fall in San Antonio. (That's a little bit of an oxymoron, I know, but I promise the temperatures cooled off for at least two full days!) It was so much fun to sample the variety of sweet and savory pies and Mary Carolyn made a delicious salads to complete the meal.  Our contribution was a savory tomato, zucchini, and goat cheese tart.  Here's our tart just before it went into the oven.

Birthday Surprise
I turned 29 last week.  Yikes!  Work has been so busy that we didn't really have time to celebrate the day of, but K plotted with my bosses to surprise me with a quick trip last weekend.
It was a wonderful* surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed our little mini-vacation.
We played tennis, had a spa day and relaxed by the pool.

*Confession: I had to actively try to be excited about having my "plan" for Friday/Saturday thrown off.  I was actually a little disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to head into work at 6:30 on Friday morning to finish my motion and catch up on other deadlines before calling it a weekend.  I wish I was kidding.  I think that disappointment faded when I got to the spa mid-day Friday, but I feel like I have to at least confess the extent to which I am a control freak.  
Thanks for loving me anyway, K.

My Other Birthday Surprise
or Lucy's lesson in placing your treasure in heaven....
Last week, K and I made a big decision to buy a rug for our den.  I desperately wanted a patterned natural fiber rug, but we decided we needed something that would be a little easier to keep clean.  Read: a little more Lucy friendly.  We chose a neutral/patterned wool rug that I absolutely love.  We literally had the rug four days when I came home (on my Birthday no less) to this:

Yep.  Lucy ate the rug.  Or actually it looks like she sat there all day slowly pulling it apart.  Whatever.  She made a big fat mess of my pretty new rug.  I cried.  Then I immediately regretted that we had made a "big purchase" for the den.  Then I cried some more and went to bed.  A little dramatic?  Yes.  But I was frustrated and stressed and tired and it was my birthday.  K and I  decided Lucy was most likely trying to give us a not so gentle reminder that our material things just aren't that important.
She is so wise.  

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  1. Ha laughing out loud! Sounds like the holy spirit is at work through sweet Lucy:) Never forget when I found Maddy chewing on an ink pen on my new rug. Hairspray became my best friend that day...worked for hours to get all the stains out. Miss you:)