Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lazy Labor Day

It was a wonderfully lazy labor day around here.  I went into this weekend with a to-do list a mile long (that included things like catch up on work, ironing, laundry, cleaning).  I was literally excited to have three full days to get everything done.  

Yesterday morning when I told K I was feeling overwhelmed, he suggested I just relax.  Best advice I've heard all week.  We slept in, made a yummy brunch, baked banana bread (that Lucy ended up devouring when we left the kitchen to get ready), went for a long walk, and ate at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants at the Pearl Brewery.  It was perfect.  Not on our list yesterday?  Any of the items on my to do list!  So glad K is around to help me keep things in perspective :)

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