Friday, March 9, 2012

L-u-c-y! You've got some s'plainin to do!

Meet Lucy.

Isn't she the most adorable little puppy you've ever seen!?!

K and I l-o-v-e Lucy! Practically over night we turned into those "dog people." You know, those people who talk to their dog while it cuddles in bed with them under the covers. Ok, to be clear, we draw the line at under the covers, but you get the picture - we really love our girl.

See how she likes to be held like a baby?

We named our red headed pup after our favorite red headed actress, Lucille Ball. And like her namesake, Lucy tends to get into a little bit of trouble.

"L-u-c-y, you've got some s'plainin to do!" See the resemblance?
Lucille Ball image found here.

So what, you ask, could that sweet little puppy have done to get into so much trouble? The list is long. Too long to write about here, but I do have some photographic evidence . . .

Exhibit A: Hole in the wall

Apparently Lucy has an eye for decorating. If you'll reference Exhibit A, you'll see where she decided what our den really needs is to be opened up. With a big, random hole. What!?! You're wondering why she did that? Or maybe you're wondering how she did that? Me too! Being the diligent new home owners that we are, we immediately had the hole fixed. And being the persistent pup that she is, Lucy immediately replaced her hole. I guess she really likes the way it looks. We've decided she's right and aren't going to attempt fixing it again until she's moved passed puppyhood and is well into middle age.

We've also found that Lucy has quite a talent for landscape architecture . . .

Exhibit B: A wide hole in the ground.
Why thank you, Lucy. That is exactly where we were planning to put a flower bed.
What would we do without your help clearing the grass?

Exhibit C: A deep hole in the ground.
This must be where Lucy is suggesting we plant a tree. Isn't she smart to be
thinking about the amount of shade in our backyard?

We're not saying our yard looks great as is, but we're pretty sure it looked better before Lucy started "helping." If only we could channel all that energy into something positive. Sigh. For now, we're making an effort to take the girl on daily walks and runs and planning as many trips to the dog park as our schedules allow. And in spite of it all, we still love Lucy.

Seriously, how could you not love that face?

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